Cubealicious links

Michael Hardt on love as a political project
wikipedia entry for autonomism
ordering Multitude: War and Democracy in the Age of Empire
23rd Annual North Surrey Gingerbread Competition gingerbread competition
christmas craft festival gingerbread competition
a pdf of paulo virno's A Grammar of the Multitude
a book called What We Want is Free
a pdf of critical art ensemble's the electronic disturbance
a project by chris barr called The Bureau of Workplace Interruptions
candy usa: a confectionary timeline
a small gingerbread cubicle with the statement that
"they are part of our Post-Dilbert/Post-Office-Sitcom Era"
and another one, this one is full-size but made mostly out of paper
photos from a tutte bianchi protest in prague
franco berardi: info labour and precarisation