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Appearing for One Life Only

Some of Daniel Johnston’s drawings are included in the every-other-year show at the Whitney. What this has to do with the contemporary art scene, I’m not sure. Is Daniel Johnston meant to stand in for outsider art, for the cassette mythos of the ’80s, for the spirit of Amercian lo-fi diy? Let’s hope not, let’s […]

Squeeeeeeaky Shoes

A music video.

Running in Place (Going Nowhere)

How do you record an album anyway? With the barn doors open? Hmmmm. What’s more important – sound isolation or the sound of cars driving by? Being isolated in the cave of creativity or capering in the street? quicktime click High-quality home recording studios have exploded in the last decade – the technology to sound […]

it is only folllllllllllllllllolllowing it’s nature

Aahhhllalalala Audio Two new songs in the text-to-speech style! “the wind is in the t r e es” – AL Larsen mp3“the crow harasses the hawk” – Al Larsen mp3 How do you record an album anyway? Can you record a spoken word album without a microphone? If so, would it be music? You can […]


How do you record an album anyway? Maybe it’s more of an argument than a collaboration. Nothing essential happens in the absence of noise. (That’s not just me saying that, ask the former head of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.) Music is a simulacrum of murder. (Attali again.) flash clip So one morning(!) […]

The Gasping End

OK Yes so I’ve been working in this “album” of “songs” – actually closer to spoken word – although intsead of my own voice it is the standard Macintosh text-reading software. Scroll down for two new songs in the text-to-speech style! Also: RFID, banging rocks around the mastodon carcass, Kafka freaking out, a host of […]