Permanent Cultural Vibration

I’m not selling bread, I’m selling yeast.

A little while ago I was looking, searching on the web, for slogans and graffiti from the May 1968 general strike in France.

The walls have ears. Your ears have walls.

My aim is to agitate and disturb people.

I’ve gone looking before and it seems that each time I search I find a few more slogans. For instance, this time I came across:

Permanent Cultural Vibration

I don’t remember seeing this one before. It’s weird too, because it sounds really… ’90s.

Which makes me wonder if maybe the amount of authentic Mai ’68 graffiti is growing. The event continues to evolve over time. Next time I search I’ll find something like…

MySpace Isn't

Vibrations. As a moment expands and its markers accumulate does it mostly exist back then or mostly right now?

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Paris, 1968 (Are You With Me?)

With the wisdom of Ruby Valentine and a bit of Romanteek and some Some Velvet Sidewalk too. Click here for the clip to launch in a new window.

Freedom is the right to silence.

Long live communication, down with telecommunication.
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